My Sunny Balcony : Part 2

This post has been long overdue. I completed my small little project quite some time back. Let me take you through how the balcony became


I was very clear that I did not want to have to many elements in there since the space was already narrow. It had to be spacious enough to laze around. The first step was choosing the color. I was sure that it had to be yellow but could not decide on the right shade.I decided to take some help from Asian Paints. However, what I did not know was, that Asian Paints has a pallate of over 100 shades of yellow. So there lay the daunting task of choosing the one!!! After a lot of deliberation I finally zeroed down on Sunny Yellow!
   Then I sprinkled some more color in the balcony
added a little drama on the wall...
Oh so Blue...the other side 
 String of lights for that perfect soothing aura in the evening!
The focal point of the Balcony being this jhula aaaah! my getaway on weekends wid a cuppa chai and my book

All this was a done within a week in a shoestring budget.. with a tonnes of help from the Husband!!

The weekend is around the corner and I plan to indulge in some baking. I want to bake something which I have never tried before and I will share what the "THING" is right here!!

Till then you guys have a 'fun'tastic week ahead!


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