Right Angle!

I am not a big fan of lines or let me put it this way I 'was' not a big fan until I came across this website on Scandinavian designs - "Nordic Design".  It showcases some awe inspiring interiors, modern home accessories and furnishings from the Land of Ice. All clean lines, simple, minimal and yet functional.

Personally, I love bright hues and colours and my abode is full of them but these designs did make me change my mind. I loved all the whites, pinks and greys. Check out all the right, acute and obtuse angles and the beautiful geometery they create!

I will let the pictures speak for themselves.


Picture Courtesy - Nordic Design and Pinterest
Also a sneak peak into what my next blog will be about!
I hope I am able to pen it down soon!


  1. Wow!! Got some ideas for my living space.. cool stuff. Waiting for ur nxt blog. Loved d printed cloth.....


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