An old stool, a broken window, a depleting door, an unused ladder or an unwanted chestdrawer seems like a list of items you would ideally discard. However, I feel that these items have an old world charm to it and can become some really quirky & eclectic decor pieces.

Over the past few days on surfing the world wide web for decor inspirations I came across few brilliant ideas on recycling and reusing some of these items. Have a look...
 Dramatic use of old Window parts

 Eccentric use of the Ladder

 The old Door stands out

 The re- painted Chair and the Ladder used as bedside table

The ceiling Lamp does grab all the spot light  here

Recycled Chestdrawer

An old Door Panel being used as a headboard

Recycled Wood Panels used for the floor length mirrors, you can also paint them in the color of your choice.

The old Suitcase used as a dressing table!

 More drama with blue and the Rustic piece.

The flowers take the limelight here

Barn Door Recycled

Old blue elctric Table Fan

Broken Shutter used as a table runner

So now you know how you can reuse your old Atlas and Ladybird cycles..

Image Courtsey : Pinterest 


  1. wow!! loved all the post:) Keep writing! looking forward for more colours!:)

  2. WOW! Brilliant idea... :)

  3. vikram jeev bhayana27 December 2013 at 09:01

    Incredible stuff ♡♡♡


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