My Sunny Balcony!

My Sunny Balcony, yes thats what I call my new project.  I am one of those people who miss the quaintness of a small town, or how one easily has a privilege of a nice patio or a backyard, where u could laze around with a steaming cuppa of chai. I live on the 11th floor of a high rise in Pune. Here I have a tiny balcony with an awesome view. Well u don't have a fast flowing tree fringed  river /lake with a silhoutte of  manicured grasslands or hills only get to see  it in Yash Chopra Movies( Am sure his soul is resting in peace in Switzerland!). However the point is, it has an awesome "City View". By city view I mean an unobstructed view of many buildings that convert into thousands of twinkling lights in the darkness and yes one can see an outline of some hills far far away :). So, I have decided to create my own little oasis by redoing my balcony, a place where I can spend hours lazing around with a good book and a cuppa chai,hang out with a bunch of friends, enjoy a quiet brunch on Sunday, soak in some sunshine or enjoy the smell of the first rain.....the list is endless. That would be my Happy Place!

Before starting the project, I decided to browse the world wide web to look for some ingredients that would spruce up my Balcony. While doing so I came across some of these simply done yet beautiful balconies. Have a look...
Most important ingredient is color. Yellow being my favourite, will surely be a part of my balcony.
Another ingredient being some beautiful flowering plants..Heavy duty maintenance..but a small price to pay for the myraid colors that shall blossom.
The third ingredient..A string of lights to illuminate.....I love it..minus the Cat  

A place to soak in all the Sunshine.....
Or to just laze around in that charpoy.....  
 Ahhhaa a perfect place for a cozy brunch...
Me, my book and my cuppa of chai here... 
A little yellow here and a little  pink there... 
This and That.. I like both, very minimal yet quirky and inviting! 
To end with, a dramatic one with an equally dramatic view! 

Now that I have all my ingredients in place.. I shall start working on my project and will bring to you My Happy Place!
P.S -  Please leave a note on which one of these you liked the best.. :)



  1. The best one is definitely the one with the string of lights, minus the cat, as you say :)


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