Come Jan and its time for an exotic holiday again. It's not that we do not go for holidays during the year, we have our share of small - non exotic holidays, we can't do without them :) Jan in the past has seen us off to Maldives into the exotic Ocean Villas and then to Banjaar Tola at Kahna National Park, were we enjoyed luxury in the midst of the jungle. The memories of the same make me day dream often. Sighhhhh!!!!!

Well here WE and US means Mandy my chai fanatic husband, and two of my crazy friends.

While all us were sitting and discussing our next exotic holiday over ek cuppa chai and debating whether it should be an international one or an interesting locale in India. I started looking on the world wide web for some properties that would be ideal for our holiday. Its then, that I came across this holiday home located on the idyllic Balearic Island of Formentera, Spain. The owners had renovated this old farmhouse with respect to the island's traditional architecture and I could not wait to share it with you. All you decor lovers here's a treat for you.

Lemons never looked so beautiful!!

The Spanish Rustic Look  :)

Tortilla Espanola and Magdalenas I want to!!!

Tortilla Espanola and Magdalenas with a hot cuppa of chai here... I want!!!

 Me, myself and a book at this very patio... I want!!!! 

"Espano here I come!!!!" I wish , but as of now..."Espano I don't know when I come"

"AdiĆ³s tener un buen fin de semana"

(Bye....Have a great weekend thats what it says!)