After a rather dramatic day at office, I was looking forward to a nice hot cup of chai in my patio, the lovely rains in Pune are anyways a bonus to my cup of chai these days! All you chai lovers am sure you exactly understand what I am trying to say :). Instead I ended up shopping and wandered into a beautiful decor store in Pune which is eccentric and has a brilliant collection by some of the very talented artists and craftsmen from across India. However what I like about the store is the riot of colors that it has. This visit triggered the idea of writing and sharing with you some beautiful home decor ideas with lots of Rang.

The Splash of colors in the white space adds drama to the entire set up.. Love the look

Who would have thought that a few pastel colors would bring out this effect on an old chest drawer and I love the colors. Also do'nt miss the photo frame in the background.

Imagine waking up and having a hot mug of chai in this vibrant and sunny space. Ahha!

 I wish I wish!! Sigh..The effect that these colors can bring to any space

"Your my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when the skies are Grey" this song just popped in my head when I saw this picture.. Beautiful ain't it.. I love yellow :)

Well if I have a space like this.. am sure work can be fun too.. I loved the pink flowers,something I would love to have on my desk too.. Well my desk at office is quite colorful as well.. Its a happy place :) Would love to share pictures of the same with you as well....

This last picture reminded me that I have to go to work tomorrow. Time to hit the sack and wonder what the coming day has in store for me.. More Drama or the Usual..

I hope you enjoyed reading the post.. as much as I enjoyed writing it..

Pictures courtesy : GoodHomes Magazine and An Indian Summer


  1. You should share pics from gyaarah sau chaar:) can give these a run for their money!!!


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