Desi Textures

For the love of fabric and textures, I have put this post together. Thanks to some of my favorite Blogs, Pinterest and the world of Google that helped me create this textile board.

What I love about the pictures that I have put together is the color, fabric and the designs, but what I love the most about it is the styling. How, when put together with variety of elements a simple piece of fabric and look so dramatic.

This blog has been created over various cups of Masala Chai (the world is moving to green tea but I still prefer my good ole masala chai) tucked away in a cozy corner in the wintery evenings with some of my favorite numbers playing. Just the right mood to unwind and get my creative juices flowing

Go ahead and catch some eye candy

              I love the block prints with the right color, the right block and the right fabric you get a beautiful result..


 Some more block prints that would make beautiful stoles


 I love the rich texture of the silk!

From here on in I love the way the fabrics have been put together with some elements to make them look stunning 

The red and the blue Sigh!

and the Pink..I love

The Blue Mug :)


While penning this post down, I did realize something, that most of the times I end up buying stuff from stores either online or otherwise because they seem so visually appealing. Credit goes to the talented visual merchandiser/stylist who puts it together.Someday I am going to display many a fabrics that I have bought due to the eye candy quotient created by the seller. Sigh!

*Picture Courtesy - Craftsmark, Design Crush Blog, Desi Craftshop, An Indian Summer and Pinterest