Masala Chai!!!

Have you ever tried Chai with Garam Masala :). Yes thats what Mandy treated me with this morning. He mistook the Garam Masala for the Chai Masala!!!!!
Every morning brings a new conversation or a new experience accompanied by a warm cup of tea . I love those 10 minutes of the day were the aroma of  steaming cup of tea engulfs our tete-a-tete on the day. I call my blog Ek cuppa Chai cause I am a Chai enthusiast and for me it is a perfect conversation starter.
I will chat with you on Ek cuppa chai about anything and everything. As I am gonna be the one starting the conversation it will have to do with decor, food, travel and books things that I absolutely love...
So it is going to be you me and Ek cup chai :) I hope you enjoy the conversation

P.S : Mandy is my chai loving husband

                               Image Courtesy : Once Upon a Tea Time Blogspot